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How to Scrog with Stretchy Nets in a Grow Tent.





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How to scrog

You want to start early in Veg to start shaping your plants and get as many tops as possible so as soon as you can start topping your plant and lollipopping, thinning the underside.

When you're ready to put into your scrog. Pull down your lower net so it's firmly on top of your plant canopy pulling out branches and bending branches as needed.

The idea here is to take all those side branching and turn them into vertical main branches themselves within the lower screen. You want to try to fill all the areas of your screen with some pretty good size vertical branches. When you have your screen nearly is the time to maybe switch it into flowering. As the flowers grow you can use your upper larger mesh netting as support.. The whole idea of scrogging is designed so that you take advantage of that 12 to 18 in that you get of good light penetration for indoor growing. Think of it as growing a Flatbush rather than growing a Christmas tree. Substantially better yields and lower plant counts.




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About me

My name is Christian and I’m a Grower.

As a grower I must overcome many obstacles regarding equipment, plants, pests.. Just about everything. One of the problems I had was using nylon trellis nets to do a SCROG style of growing also known as (screen of green). The problem I had with this is that I would buy a package of 4” mesh nylon netting AND a package of 6” mesh netting. I would then cut them into a proper size to fit my grow tent and attach to tent poles using zip ties. I would use the 4” mesh as a lower net to train my plants to control an even canopy. As they flowered the 6” mesh would support the cannabis buds. After harvest I would need to cut out netting and zip ties and start all over again.. with new nets and zip ties for next cycle.

To fix this I designed a flexible net system using the same 4” and 6” mesh. I fixed the zip tie problem by making these attach to tent poles with hooks, so now you can easily hook and unhook, as well as slide up and down on the tent poles. The nets themselves are flexible to fit many different size tents and not cut into plants as some plastic or nylon nets tend to. You can easily remove from poles with hooks to access plants for harvest. And reusable so it's the last net you need to buy.

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, and possibly  federally legal. It's going to create something similar to the craft beer movement.  When corporations and profits are involved.. they will require easy to grow strains that don't need specialized attention. But for a really good high quality craft cannabis, you will need to grow your own.



My friends say that "snitches get stitches"... 

but my lawyer says: 

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