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Scrog Net for Grow Tents 2 pack (4" and 6" mesh nets.)

Scrog Net for Grow Tents 2 pack (4" and 6" mesh nets.)

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Do you grow in a tent?


Do you maximize your harvests using a SCROG trellis net system?


If you are tired of replacing netting constantly…  for the same price you pay for 2 packs of different sized nylon trellis nets. You can get this reusable Scrog net system.


Try our Patent Pending stretchable 2 layer Scrog net for grow tents.


One size fits all: Easily for 4x4 but will stretch to 5x5. Can move hooks in and fit 3x3, 2x4 ..or any combination under 4x4.


True Scrog style net: Lower netting helps train and spread out plants. upper netting helps support in flower.(lower mesh 4" and upper mesh 6")


Last net you will need to buy: Made with latex and carbon fiber. They are very durable, yet still soft enough to move with plant rather than cutting into plants.


Ease of use: No more cutting netting and zip ties, ruining your favorite trimming scissors. With the Grower Scrog Net you can easily attach to tent poles with our hooks and easily remove and slide on poles as needed.

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"Working great! I lollypopped my scrogged up plants last night and it was a breeze with the stretchy netting. I used to use a rigid steel steel scrog I made out of decorative fencing and it sucked not being able to reach through the screen! My last scrog trellis was the PVC-string one, but you have no height adjustment unless you swap the legs. Plus, the string was a pain to keep taught with 1/2" PVC. This is the way to do it! "Sir Coughsalot  

"Works perfectly. Will order more"  Jack P

"Perfection"  Jon Y

"Great transaction, thanks! " Aaron T


 30 Day money back guarantee!


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