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Why I love to use a grow tent scrog net

By Christian Gravel May 26, 2018 0 comments

Why I love to scrog!

I am a long time indoor grower using grow tents. I have an open veg area and an enclosed grow tent for flowering. My growing journey has taught me many things about plant health and soil biology. I have also been able to experiment with many grow techniques and many grow items. Maybe just like you, I started with metal halide lights for veg and HPS lights for flower. Than I moved to full spectrum LEDs. For grow media I started in deep water culture, then tried hydroponic dripper systems with rockwool. I am currently trying to figure out this living soil thing. For my flowering grow tent I have used stakes, yoyos, trellis nets, tomato cages. Let me tell you why I love growing in Scrog nets. Scrog net is a term coined from a growing style called screen of green. This method is my favorite for grow tents. Being that grow tents are square and you want to optimize all your room for a bountiful harvest. With a scrog net you can bend your branches into a lower (smaller mesh) net to train the side branches to become main tops themselves. Essentially creating many top colas in your tent. Then in the budding phase the upper mesh (larger than lower) will support buds from falling over, and with the extra support it encourages buds to grow bigger. The only issue with scrogging is cutting out and replacing scrog nets and zip tie fastening material every harvest. But with a removeable and reuseable scrog net, there is no need to replace every time. If you havent tried to scrog net in your flowering tent , I highly recommend it.

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